Mains-61: Issues Related to Unemployment

Why there has been an increase in number of job seekers in India?

There has been an increase in the number of job seekers in India because of the following reasons: Due to increasing population, the size of labour supply in India is getting a boost from the rapid expansion of the working-age population in the country. Data shows that the population of 15-59-year-olds increased at the rate ..

A fast-growing economy is able to generate surpluses which are needed for job creation and sustenance of social safety nets. Comment.

The numbers which depict our national income are in contrast to growth. The primary aim of the new government should be to spur the economic growth as it is not possible to have any surpluses which are a must for plugging our socio-economic problems and also give many social safety buffers. The government has to ..

What do you understand by jobless growth? What makes Indian economy prone to jobless growth?

Multiple data sources clearly show that job opportunities in India are limited. India needs a new strategy to counter the phenomena of jobless growth. This requires manufacturing sector to play a dominant role.� Following are the causes that make Indian economy prone to jobless growth: 70%population is engaged in the primary sector contributing only 14% ..


Critically examine the recent trends in labour force and workforce participation rates of women in India.

Model Answer: Labour force refers to the number of persons usually employed or willing to be employed. Workforce constitutes the actual employed labour force. The recent trend in India’s employment pattern shows that the in overall, the labour force participation rate for women is falling: from 37% in 2004-05 to 29% in 2009-10 and in 2011-2012, women ..

What do you understand by Employment Elasticity? Discuss the trends in India in different sectors over there recent years.

Model Answer: Employment elasticity is defined as the measure of how employment varies with changing economic output. A low employment elasticity shows jobless growth. Though, during the last decadal years 2004-14, India saw some of the highest rates of gross domestic product (GDP).But, the problem, however, is that this high growth hasn’t led to more ..