Mains-60: Economic Growth & Development

India Pushes Forward With Infrastructure Investment

The Finance Minister has unveiled plans to invest INR 102 lakh crore on infrastructure projects by 2024-25. This, according to the government, is a much-required push for India to achieve its 5-trillion dollar economy goals by the same year. Why is this investment needed? Other than achieving our 5-trillion dollar economy goals, this investment is ..

GST Collections Fail To Reach Predicted Limit

Goods and Services Taxes, that had been struggling over the past quarters, have seen better days over the past two months. In December, collections rose by 8.9% year-on-year, the GST collected reached INR 1.03 lakh crore. However, it is still short of the targeted INR 1.1 lakh crore, as was expected of the last four ..

MDR charges and UPI

The way the Government has pushed the adoption of digital payments has been remarkable. It started with bearing a large part of the cost of Merchant discount rate (MDR charges) which was absorbed by the PSU oil companies while simultaneously worked on popularising the UPI developed by the NPCI. At its start in August 2016, ..


Government Policies and Economic Slowdown

The recent revision of growth estimate by the Reserve Bank of India has brought the spotlight back on the issue of revival of growth. The GDP numbers convey serious policy implications on the fiscal front. If we look at the gap between GDP and GVA, the higher gap could mean the growth of indirect taxes ..

Compliance and Competitiveness with GST

The Goods & Services Tax or GST can be touted as the biggest fiscal reform being embarked upon post-independence, which restated the Centre-State relationship. GST changed the way of conduct of business and operations of the Government. It is a destination based tax levied on the value being added. It is charged on purchases to ..