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The UN Budget 2020 Displays A Shift In Dynamics

The United Nations General Assembly on 27th December. 2019, has adopted a $3.07-billion operating budget. This is a slight stretch from last year’s budget of $2.9-billion. The UN has reported that the increase is to ..

India is aiming to win a non-permanent seat at UNSC for 2 years. Do you think Indian government should think in terms changing its image of being a fence-sitter for consolidating its bid for the same?

The Indian government had announced its bid for the non-permanent seat at the UNSC in 2013 and has since been gathering support from various countries. It has won a huge endorsement by a 55-nation Asia-Pacific ..

What is UNSC? What will be the impact if India get a permanent membership to the UNSC?

The United Nations Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations . It aims to maintain international peace and security. It establishes peacekeeping operations and authorizes military action through Security ..


Foreign governments do not have the right to criticise India�s vibrant democracy and dedication to rule of law. Critically analayse the statement in context of the recent report of United States Commission on International Religious Freedom.

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom has recently published its International Religious Freedom Report, 2019.The report was heavily criticized in India and finally rejected. Features of the Report: There was overall deterioration of ..

Libya�s UN recognized government�s decision to launch a peace initiative which is directed at stabilizing the civil war-stricken country is a welcome step. Comment.

UN recognized government of Libya has decided to launch a peace initiative which is directed at bringing stability to the civil-war stricken country. PM Sarraj has presented a move to set up a national peace ..