Mains-56: Indian Diaspora

Point-Based Visa: The New World Order

Amidst the hullabaloo of Brexit, UK Prime Minister has brought forward the topic of awarding point-based Visas to people wishing to work in the UK, similar to the existing Australian system. What is a point-based ..

The draft Emigration Bill is more about managing the export of human resources than being a humanitarian framework. Comment.

India has witnessed the largest and the longest phases of emigration in the world dating back to ancient times to the current scenario when many people are voluntarily offering to move to other places. This ..

Throw light on the ways through which Indian Diaspora abroad can contribute in India's development. Also discuss the transformation in India's policy towards its Diaspora over the past few years.

Diaspora refers to the people of Indian origin who had migrated to foreign land and their descendents. Diasporas role in India’s development Remittances: The remittances by the Indian diaspora are of great help in marinating ..


Indian Diaspora has an important role to play in South East Asian countries' economy and society. Appraise the role of Indian Diaspora in South-East Asia in this context.

India has been very close to the South East Asian region right from the time of Cholas. There have been evidences of historical cultural, economic and trade linkages between the regions. There are lot of ..

In the last few years, Indian government has qualitatively and quantitatively enriched engagement with the Indian Diaspora. Has it set on a new trend in India's foreign policy also? Discuss.

Diaspora refers to people who have migrated from Indian territories to other countries. Currently India has 2nd largest diaspora in the world with 25 million people living in different countries. Largest concentration is in countries ..