Mains-55: Developed versus Developing Countries & India’s Interests

The term �Indo-Pacific� has incited mixed response in the strategic community of India. Do you think that the coining of the term was a US strategy to redefine the geo-politics of the region. Comment.

The Indo-Pacific is basically a region between two different oceans-namely the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean lying between American West coast and the Eastern Coast of Africa. The region is considered by many international experts ..

Direct talks between US, Iran are the only way to de-escalate tensions. A new framework and a new balance is the need of the hour. Comment.

It is the last minute reversal of President to stop the attack on Iran which has given rise to a new window of hope for many people who are directly affected by the aftermath. It ..

The US needs to tone down its maximum pressure tactics with Iran as there are no apparent plans between the latter and a potential military conflict. Comment.

The main problem with the maximum pressure approach of President Trump is that it does not seem to have any forward plan. Iran is also threatening to breach its commitments it had reached under the ..


The situation which is developing in the Gulf between US and Iran can be referred to as the Game of Chicken. Comment.

Game of Chicken is usually referred to a situation when two world countries are heading towards each other for gaining leverage. This is also known as the concept of game theory. The strategy behind the ..

It seems China has to go against its own grain and give Hong Kong enough space to run its own affairs. Comment.

The new generation of Hong Kongers are increasingly drifting away from the Mainland China both in cultural and political aspects. The recent change is evident from the turn of events last week when millions of ..