Mains-54: Bilateral, Regional and Global Groupings and Agreements

Palm Oil Trade and India Malaysia Relations

Tensions between India and Malaysia have risen after the Indian government revealed its plan to restrict palm oil imports from the country. A diplomatic row with relations to the Indian territory of Kashmir is being speculated as to the reason behind such a decision. What is the diplomatic row affecting the India-Malaysia relation? The tiff ..

India And China Must Find A Way To Work Together

Despite being neighbors, India and China haven’t always shared the best of relations. But in recent times, the need has arisen for these two Asian giants to collaborate if either of them will survive the wave of changes facing the new world order. The changing face of the world The world is undergoing a fundamental ..

How India’s Domestic Decisions Are Influencing Her Global Image

Towards the beginning of 2015, as a new government settled in, with a new administration at the helm, India saw a change in foreign policy. The US opened new chapters into its Indo-Pacific relations, while India, with renewed vigor, improved her relations with China. However, in the past year, much has changed. What went wrong? ..


India Is Driving Today’s International Science And Tech Collaborations

For the past few years, India has been a pioneer in pushing international collaborations on science and technology worldwide. Whether it was the formation of techno-economical alliances or collaborations on renewable energy, India has been at the forefront. Achieving 2030 Agenda for UN Sustainable Development Goals United Nations has named Science, Technology, and Innovation as ..

India-Australia look to sign the Logistics Support Agreement, a key agreement for both the countries. In this context, comment on the relations between India and Australia.

India and Australia have moved closer to signing the Logistics Support Agreement (LSA). It comes ahead of the Australian Prime Minister’s meet scheduled in January.  The LSA is one of key agenda points between India and Australia as it will allow the two countries to use each other’s military bases for logistical support which includes ..