Mains-50: Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability, Citizen Charters

Creating three state capitals

The government of Andhra Pradesh mulled over the sea of having three decentralised capitals. It is on similar lines like that of South Africa. Amravati could become the legislative capital, Vishakapatnam ‘port city’ could become ..

Tata Sons & Corporate Governance Issues

The National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NLCAT) has reinstated Cyrus Mistry as the Executive chairman of Tata Sons Ltd. There are several takeaways from the the NCLAT’s order. Firstly, it reveres the order of NCLT ..

Tata Sons : NCLAT Judgement

The NCLAT reinstated Cyrus Mistry as the executive chairman of Tata Sons, which broncos forward the issue of Tata Sons sudden attempt of conversion from a public limited to a private limited company. The second ..


Corporate Governance : Role of Independent Director

The role of the independent director has seen a paradigm shift with the change in respect to governance of Indian businesses. It can be attributed to the increased regulatory scrutiny and compliance. The expectations from ..

The incidents of fire tragedy in the country cannot be called an accident as it is a lack of governance and mismanagement at the regulatory level. Comment.

In a deadly fire at Delhi’s Anaj Mandi area 43 people were killed in an unregistered bag factory.  It serves as a reminder of the many ratholes where workers toil under dangerous conditions, without proper ..