Mains-49: Issues Relating to Poverty and Hunger

Global Hunger Index-2019: Analyzing Government Response

India has ranked 102 in the Global Hunger Index, out of 117 qualified countries. Most of this poor performance has been attributed to the increase in the prevalence of wasting in children below the age ..

Revisiting the National Nutrition Strategy 2018

According to recent studies by Lancet, there is evidence of undernutrition and obesity now co-existing and promoting one another. It has also been found that unsafe food contributes directly / indirectly to nutritional outcomes and ..

Tackling Malnutrition with Biofortification

In the Global Hunger Index, India has ranked at 103rd position among 119 countries. It is continuous focus on calories rather than nutritional aspects of diet which has led to this distressed state. According to ..


Despite its transformative potential the mid-day meal is perceived as charity and not a civic responsibility. Comment.

Ever since being made compulsory by the Supreme Court, the mid-day meal scheme has received considerable appreciation not only from India but from all quarters of the world. The scheme is the world’s biggest of ..

The State of the World’s Children report of UNICEF portrays a dismal picture of India. Elaborate

UNICEF has released its State of the World’s Children report for 2019. This is the first UNICEF report on child nutrition in the last 20 years. The report comes on the heels of the Global ..