Mains-41: Salient features of the Representation of People’s Act

Government should build consensus before pushing ahead partisan agenda. Discuss this in light of one nation one election proposal.

Many opposition parties of India have expressed doubts over the success of the PM�s One Nation, One Election proposal which seriously aims to check the many election irregularities in the system. It has been termed ..

Do you think the concerns raised by the Opposition about the PM�s One nation, One Election are valid? Is One Nation, Two Elections a valid alternative to it? Comment.

The Prime Ministerial all-party meeting between the government and all the major political parties of India was not attended by many parties of Opposition as they were totally opposed to this idea. The main fear ..

Do you think the anti-defection law is faced with a serious challenge in the last 34 years as it is being grossly ignored? Comment.

The Constitution 10th Schedule usually referred to as the anti-defection law is faced with a grave challenge not seen in last 34 years. The challenge is merely political and not judicial as many legislators are ..


The debate on simultaneous elections is useful and could throw up other reforms to cleanse the electoral process. Comment.

The debate about the �one nation, one election� has again resurfaced. BJP has raised the issue for last 5 years to develop a method of holding the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections together. This will ..

Differentiate by-elections from normal elections. How does the procedure of election followed in a country affects its political stability?

By-election is an election held in a single political constituency. Its objective is to fill a vacancy. The vacancy may be due to death, expiration of terms of office or any other reason. Recently two ..