Mains-38: Parliament and State Legislatures in India

Parliamentary Standing Committees Need To Be More Efficient

During the meeting of chairpersons of parliamentary committees with Rajya Sabha chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, the proposition was tabled that MPs should lose their seats on such department-related standing committees if they are persistently absent from such meetings. What are “standing committees”? A standing committee is a committee, constituted by members of the parliament, either ..

Impeachment of President in India

The US Constitution states that the President can be removed on grounds of treason, bribery, high crimes or misdemeanour. On the other hand, the President in India can be removed only in case of the violation of the constitution. The meaning of the phrase ‘violation of the constitution’ has not been mentioned. Procedure for Impeachment ..

Post-poll political alliance

The recent coalition in Maharashtra where three political parties came together to form an alliance saw certain voters moving to the Supreme Court to challenge the unholy alliance. Post-poll alliances have been subject to debate of immorality, as parties fought against each other now come together. It is important to note that the Tenth schedule ..


Discuss the provisions related to reservation of Anglo-Indian members in the Parliament, which has recently been removed.

The Parliament recently passed the Constitution (126th Amendment) Bill which extends  reservation for SC/STs but does away with the provision for nomination of Anglo Indians to Lok Sabha and state Assemblies. Who are Anglo-Indians ? Anglo-Indians trace their origins to the British East India Company official policy to encourage marriages of its officers with local ..

Even though the population has increased there has not been a similar increase in the number of elected representatives. How the strength of Lok Sabha is determined. Discuss why there has been a freeze.

The composition of the Lower House has remained more or less the same for four decades inspite of the fact that the population has increased tremendously. What is the strength of Lok Sabha? Article 81 of the Constitution provides that the House of People shall consist of not more than 550 elected members of whom ..