Mains-37: Comparison of Indian Constitutional Scheme with Other Countries

Comparing citizenship provisions between India & Afghanistan

The citizenship amendment act 2019, makes it easier for non-muslim migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to get Indian citizenship. Let’s look at the third country, which is Afghanistan. Afghanistan has a long history of conflict and invasions, though no empire or nation could have a long control of Afghanistan. Even the British could not ..

Citizenship Amendment Act: Comparing India & Bangladesh

The three countries from where migrants have become eligible under the Citizenship Amendment Act include Bangladesh as one of the countries. The Bangladesh Constitution was adopted in 1972 and refers to its war of liberation as a historic war which establishes the independent People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Its Preamble mentions ’Nationalism, Democracy, Socialism and Secularism’ ..

Why the 11 judge bench of Supreme Court struck the recommendation to suspend the UK parliament for 5 weeks?

The Eleven judge bench of the UK Supreme Court, the largest permissible Bench of the 12-judge Supreme Court has struck down a recommendation by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament for five weeks ahead of Britain’s scheduled October 31 exit from the European Union as unlawful. Judgment by the UK Supreme Court The PM’s ..