Mains-31: Major Amendments of Constitution

Do you think extension of Right to Education to younger children is a welcome move?

India has made very slow progress on Right to Education especially in the absence of a wilful political commitment in many states. The proposal for extension to younger age-group will be a step in the ..

In a historical judgement, the Union Cabinet approved 124th Constitutional Amendment Act. Critically analyse its features along with the recent issues.

The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2019 seeks to provide for the advancement of economically weaker sections of citizens. Features of the bill The Bill seeks to amend Article 15 of the Indian ..

Examine the scope of Fundamental Rights in the light of the latest judgement of the Supreme Court on Right to Privacy.


The implementation of decentralization reform as embodied in the 73rd and 74th amendments of the Constitution has suffered from complete negligence. Critically discuss.

The 73rd and 74th amendments had made provisions for voluntary and mandatory subjects to be transferred to the local bodies. Most of the state government failed to transfer voluntary subjects to the local governments. Providing ..

How the Supreme Court verdict upholding right to privacy as a fundamental right of citizens will define the further course of Aadhaar? Discuss giving reference to various issues.

The Supreme Court verdict ends the legal gridlock on whether the right to privacy is fundamental right or not. This judgement is not directly on Aadhaar but on fundamental rights rather. Hitherto, the government’s counsels ..