Mains-27: Important Geophysical Phenomena

Global Climate Risk Index 2020 Published

The Global Climate Index 2020 has been released by the international environmental thinktank ‘Germanwatch’. This is an annually published risk index that analyses the extent of loss suffered by countries due to weather-related events like ..

What is the Heat Wave? Explain the after effects of Heat wave on living beings and also on the economy.

A heatwave is a period of excessively hot weather accompanied by high conditions of humidity. It is usually measured relative to the normal conditions of the weather of the area especially the normal temperatures of ..

What could be the possible reasons of the slower-than-expected progress of the western branch of the Southwest monsoon in 2019?

After the delay in the arrival, monsoon is progressing northwards. But it is still bringing less than expected rainfall. There has been a deficient by 36% compared to what is normal until this stage. It is ..


Why fewer cyclones originate in Arabian Sea compared to Bay of Bengal? Discuss the details of the cyclone warning system in India.

Recently the India Meteorological Department has warned that the deep depression in the Arabian Sea is developing into a severe cyclonic storm. It was named cyclone Vayu. Reasons for less cyclones originating in Arabian Sea ..

Discuss effects of volcanic eruptions. Why the Pacific region is known as the ring of fire?

Recently Mount Sinabung volcano�has erupted. It is in�Sumatra Island, western Indonesia. It had erupted in 2010 for the first time in past 400 years. Its eruption has again grabbed the attention of the environmentalists towards ..