Mains-23: Distribution of key Natural Resources Across the World

Explain the features of the rare-earth metals. Where do they come from?

Rare earths refer to a group of 17 elements that are known for their unique magnetic and electrochemical properties. Three public sector units namely National Aluminium Company (NALCO), Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd. and Hindustan Copper ..

Many countries around the world have shown technically recoverable shale gas potential but as of now the commercially viable production is being done only few countries? Explain the reasons. How the twin techniques of horizontal drilling and hydro-fracking have revolutionized shale gas industry?

Technically recoverable shale gas potential has been shown by many countries including India but as of now, the commercial production is being done only in US, Canada and China. The reason for the same is ..

Production of Commercial Timber / Lumbering around the world is concentrated in the mid-latitude regions. Why? Explain while giving an account of spatial distribution of Commercial Timber Belts Forests around the world.

There are two major timber producing in the world viz. the temperate forest belt and other scattered in tropical and equatorial zone. The temperate forest belt encircles almost entire globe in mid latitude of northern ..


Discuss the legal and institutional framework to regulate and control the extraction of natural resources in seabed area beyond the limits of national jurisdictions.

The International law, based around the notion of State sovereignty, confers exclusive rights on each State to adopt its own national laws and policies within its land territory and the maritime zones over which it ..

Despite being rich in natural resources, Africa continent has widespread poverty and under-development. Examine the causes.

Africa is an example of paradox of plenty. Africa is blessed with vast natural resources and rich environments. It is endowed with productive land and with valuable natural resources, which include renewable resources (such as ..