Mains-20: Effects of Globalization on Indian Society

What are the main difficulties faced by migrant labourers? Why they continue to be the most vulnerable lot in India?

The recent incident of exodus of migrant labourers from Gujrat is a testimony to the fact that the migrant labourers who contribute immensely to the economy of the host state receive little or no attention ..

What challenges have been posed by globalization to the institutions of state viz. legislative, executive, and judicial? Discuss.

The biggest challenges posed by globalization to institutions of state, is the danger of globalization rendering state autonomy and sovereignty redundant. The bulldozing power of MNCs has capability to render the small nation states as ..

"The forces of globalization have transformed the education systems worldwide."Discuss the impacts of globalization on higher education in India.

The higher education structure in India has served as both agent and object of the globalization and impacts of Globalization on it are immense and diverse, encompassing positive and negative changes. Globalization has not only ..


Critically examine the implications of globalization on India's balance of payments and currency exchange rates.

Since the time of liberalization of the economy in 1991 India has played a very major role in the global economy. In these two decades, the economy has become increasingly market oriented and greater foreign ..

Discuss the impacts of globalisation on unorganized sector jobs and wages in India.

National Statistical Commission in 2012 had stated that the unorganised or the informal sector account for more than 90 per cent of the workforce in the country and almost 50 per cent of the national ..