Mains-19: Urbanization, their problems and their remedies

Suggest amendments to Model Tenancy Act to address housing sector woes.

The model tenancy act is criticized for ignoring the ground realities. If suitable amendments are made it can be a great tool in addressing the housing sector woes of the country. Focus on the upper end of the housing market Even though it may sound counter-intuitive, focusing on the upper end of the housing market ..

Why the Model Tenancy Act is criticized for not addressing the crisis of housing sector?

A draft of the Model Tenancy Act 2019 was released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The model act which covers residential and non-residential properties aims to promote rental housing and ‘balance the interests’ of landowners and tenants. Why the scope of the model act is limited? Registered Agreements Even though it is ..

What are the findings of the economic outlook update on the Urbanisation trends?

The economic outlook update released by the Asian Development Bank highlights the following trends in urbanization based on the World Urbanization Prospects data. Trends in Urbanisation The number of the urban population in developing Asia has increased almost five-fold since 1970. Developing Asia refers to a group of 45 countries that are members of the ADB. ..


Give an outline of a National Urban Policy of India to act as a solution to various urban problems.

India is witnessing a rapid phase of urbanisation. The urbanisation needs to be sustainable needs a policy direction. National urban policy must integrate multidimensional factors like inclusive growth; infra finance system and robust urban information system. India has to move from a ‘business-as-usual approach’ to paying systematic attention to urbanisation and its challenges. The requires ..

Dr. B R Ambedkar and New Life Movement

BR Ambedkar had urged Dalits to quit living in villages and move over to cities. He described that process of migration as “new life movement” for Dalits. Ambedkar famous quote on villages when he had reasoned, “The love of the intellectual Indian for the village community is of course infinite, if not pathetic. What is ..