Mains-11: Various Political Philosophies

Why there is historical debate over the use of the term ‘Schlieffen Plan’ to describe Germany’s actions in World War I?

Schlieffen Plan was the German plan to avoid a two-front war by concentrating troops in the West and quickly defeating the French and then, if necessary, rushing those troops by rail to the East to face the Russians before they had time to mobilize fully. The Schlieffen Plan has become the accepted explanation of German ..

In what way, the European and Eastern Merchant Community were different from each other? To what extent this difference was responsible for European colonialism in East? Discuss.

The influence of the merchant class in European affairs led to the growth of mercantilism. Linked directly with capitalism, the mercantilist theory was based on the idea that money is the only form of wealth and that the object of trade is to export goods at the highest prices. The rise of the merchant community ..