Mains-10: Industrial Revolution and other events from 18th century

The Napoleonic Empire was doomed because of its inherent and self-defeating contradictions. Elucidate.

Napoleon’s own personality proved to be the greatest danger to the future of his empire. He had once said that he loves power as a musician loves his violin. This craze for power raised him to greatest heights but same craze led to his doom. In his efforts to extend the French Empire and crush ..

Napoleon was the child of the revolution, but in many ways he reversed the aims and principles of the movement from which he sprang. Comment.

Napoleon was the child of the Revolution, but in many ways he reversed the aims and principles of the movement from which he sprang. This was particularly true of the Napoleonic codes. The Revolution had not only swept away what remained of feudalism and ecclesiastical control of the State, but it had attacked the cherished ..

Elucidate the meaning and importance of “Bastille” and “Great Fear” in context with French Revolution.

The Bastille was a Paris prison that came to symbolize everything that was wrong with France and everything that the French people resented about their country. After the Third Estate broke off from the Estates General and formed the National Assembly, the people of Paris grew restless and riots broke out in the city. When ..


Explain the meaning of Ancien Regime and seigneurial system in context with pre-revolution France? What happened to them when revolution broke out in France?

The term Ancien Regime describes the structure, politics, and powers of French society before the French Revolution. Society was split into a hierarchy of social classes with the king at the top, followed by the First Estate of the Catholic Church, the Second Estate of the nobility, and the Third Estate of the common people, ..

Present a critical overview of the circumstances that led to Revolution in France.

France was in rough shape in 1789. King Louis XVI desperately needed money, so he was forced to call the Estates General in May. The disgruntled Third Estate of commoners loudly shouted for a new constitution and formed the National Constituent Assembly. After the storming of the Bastille on July 14, the Assembly got its ..