Mains-05: Modern Indian History – Significant Personalities

Tagore was uncomfortable with some aspects of the movement set in motion by Mahatma Gandhi, particularly his instrumentalists view of Satyagraha. Explain.

Tagore has been an ardent writer through out his life. One of his poems “Naba Barsha” is written in the context of celebrating Bengali New year. In this poem, he expressed his views his concerns ..

Why some leaders of India such as Ram Manohar Lohia, Abul Kalam Azad found Congress solely responsible for communalism and eventual partition of India? Critically discuss.

It is evident that the spirit of communalism as well as British Government’s policy was responsible for the partition of India. However, Muslim appeasement policy adopted by the Congress was also to a great extent ..

Discuss the origin and development of the Aligarh Movement with special emphasis on the part played by Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan in promoting it.

This movement was launched by Syed Ahmad Khan, who was in the judicial service of the Company at the time of the rebellion of 1857 and stood loyal to the Government. After his retirement from ..