Mains-04: Modern Indian History – Significant Events

Why did Gandhi launch the Salt Satyagraha in 1930 and with what results?

After withdrawal of the non-cooperation movement by Gandhi after Chauri-Chaura incident in 1922, there was no large-scale mass movement. After Lahore Session of Congress 1929, Gandhi presented his eleven points demand which did not receive ..

Discuss the aims and objects of the Khilafat Movement. To what extent was it successful?

Khilafat Movement (1919-1924) originated in India to support the Caliphate of Ottoman Empire in Turkey against the insulting treatment by the Britishers after the First World War. Sultan of Turkey was considered as Khalifa of ..

It is time to recreate Gandhi�s notion of Satyagraha. Does the statement hold importance in present times of increasing violence against minorities?

It is time that our society accepts the notion of reinvention of Gandhiji as a political philosopher for the struggle against the violence unleashed against the minorities. Some incidents which have shaken the confidence of ..


What is significance of RIN mutiny? To what extent, RIN mutiny hastened the end of British rule in India?

RIN mutiny happened at a time when the withdrawal of the British from India was obvious. The RIN mutiny is significant in India independence movement because: The revolt was within the pillar of British administration ..

How the abrupt withdrawal of Non-cooperation movement shaped further the socioeconomic and political processes in India? Explain while limiting yourself to events before launch of Civil Disobedience Movement.

The decision to withdraw the movement drew criticism from many national leaders. Many felt that the movement, which was at its peak, should not have been withdrawn because of one incident in one part of ..