Mains-01: Indian Art Forms

Discuss the development of drama through various phases in India while highlighting the contribution of folk theatre to Indian culture.

India is a land of rich culture and heritage. Since the beginning of our civilization, music, dance and drama have been an integral aspect of our culture. Initially, these art forms were used as medium ..

How the interaction between Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism resulted into the synthesis of Indian Culture in ancient India? Discuss with suitable examples while limiting your answer to only visual art forms.

In context with visual art forms, the depictions of semidivine spirits (Yakshas, Gandharvas and Kinnara) were quite popular at the advent of Buddhism and Jainism; and were gradually assimilated in these religions. Gandharvas are often ..

Critically discuss the impact of partition on India's popular art, particularly Cinema and Theatre with suitable examples.

The key impact of partition on India’s popular art industry (Cinema and Theatre) can be discussed in the light of cross migration of talent and idea of two (antagonistic) countries that emerged from one country. ..


A large variety of mythical animals form the inseparable part of India's traditions, culture, religious beliefs, art forms etc. Discuss while giving suitable examples in Indian paintings and sculptures.

Animals and humans have been companions for centuries. Indian art is nearly 5000 years old and in so many thousand years, Indian artists have depicted animals, birds and insects in many imaginative ways. The history ..

Gupta Numismatic art & its Design

Numismatics involves study or collection of coins, tokens and related objects. It is used by archaeologists to ascertain about trade, economy and society of a region. Though archaeologists have found terracotta seals at the Indus ..