Hint / Answers: Mains Mock Test Series 2018 [Mock Test-11]

1.     Bring out the major differences between a ballistic missile and a cruise missile? Name two ballistic and two cruise missiles of India. {150 words, 10 Marks}
2.     What do you understand by Evidence-Based Policing (EBP)? How EBP can mitigate the problems faced by police personnel in India? Explain. {150 words, 10 Marks}
3.     How the internal security challenges in Nagaland are different from that in Manipur and Tripura? Explain. {150 words, 10 Marks}
4.     Critically analyze the lack of development as backward linkage for Extremism in India. {150 words, 10 Marks}
5.     How is Naxalism different from Maoism in

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