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GoI introduces Floating Rate Savings Bonds

On June 26, 2020, the Government of India introduced Floating Rate Savings Bonds. Highlights The bond is to replace savings bonds that were offered by GoI till May 28, 2020. The operational guidelines and the details of the bond are to be issued by the Reserve Bank of India. The bonds are to be available ..




Stocks fall in the US market

The yield curve inversion brought down the share prices. When the long term interest rates fall below short term interest rates the yield curve inversion occurs. It is one of the predictors of recession. However, experts say that one day yield curve recession cannot decide on the recession.  The professionals say that the trade war ..


Banks cut interest rates in the aftermath of demonetisation

State Bank of India along with some private banks has cut the interest rates on deposits. SBI has cut the interest rates on deposits from 1 year to 455 days to 6.90%. This may not be in the interest of those who are depositing their money in banks. The yields on 10-year government bond which ..