World History

Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy

The outgoing Obama Government has recently ended the Wet foot, dry foot policy established long ago in United States by the previous Presidents. The policy was adopted for the Cuban migrants seeing their influx into the country in huge numbers. Meaning of Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy The wet foot, dry foot policy is the consequence […]


Rise Of National-Populists Across The World In Recent Years

With the election of Donald Trump as the President of USA, many countries from America to Europe have started witnessing the rise of populism again around the world. Who is a Populist? The word ‘populism’ is derived from the Latin word populous which means people in English. It espouses a government for the people or […]

Sat Salko Kranti/ Revolution of 1951 in Nepal

The revolution of 1951 was the first political movement of Nepal against the dynastic regime of the Rana Prime Ministers. It Nepalese it is called Sat Salko Kranti corresponding to year 2007 of Bikram Samvat era. This revolution was led by the educated and exiled people of Nepal, most of whom were educated in other […]

Kot Parva (Kot Parba) of 1846 in Nepal

Nepal is an immensely diverse country by geography, ethnicity, language, religion as well as caste. In epic times, it was ruled by ethnic people of Himalayas called Kirats. The Kirat rulers were replaced by several ingenious tribes such as Thakuris, Mallas etc. For the first time in 18th century, this country was unified by king […]

Japan’s Campaigns in World War-II and the Rubber Crisis

The importance of rubber production from strategic and security reasons was realized during World War –II when Japan moved to conquer Southeast Asia, and made 90% of the world’s natural rubber (Hevea) unavailable to the allies. Rubber was used in tires and other components of military vehicles; and its strategic importance was realized during the […]