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China launces world’s first 6G experimental satellite

China recently launched the first 6G experimental satellite. The satellite will test the technology of Tetrahertz waves in space. Key Highlights On November 6, 2020, china launched world’s first experimental satellite. It was launched into orbit along with 12 other satellites. The satellite weighs 70 kg approximately. The satellite carries technologies used for forest fire ..





Li-Fi or Light Fidelity is a technology for fast and cheap wireless-communication system based upon light. The term was first used by Harald Haas. In this technology, Light Emitting Diodes are used to transmit data wirelessly. How does it work? Li-Fi uses LEDs and ‘visible’ light to transmit data through the air as an alternative ..


Near Field Communications

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that allows mobile devices to actively interact with passive physical objects and other active mobile devices, connecting the physical world to mobile services in ways that empower and benefit users. A term “Tap ‘n Go” is also used for this, because it clearly conveys a visual ..