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The Minister of State for Communications has reiterated the government’s commitment to provide Wi-Fi in all the villages through GramNet with connectivity between 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps speed. Initiatives to Provide Broadband Connectivity BharatNet – Providing 1 Gbpsto Gram Panchayats upgradeable to 10 Gbps GramNet – Connecting all key rural development institutions with 10 ..


Wipro partners with IISc on robotics and 5G

Wipro has partnered with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to conduct advanced applied research in autonomous systems – robotics and 5G. Both the organizations have jointly set up a hybrid industry-academia collaboration unit – Wipro IISc Research and Innovation Network (WIRIN) – which will drive idea discovery, research and innovation in technology and product ..


Li-Fi versus Wi-Fi

Li-Fi uses LEDs and ‘visible’ light to transmit data wirelessly as an alternative to short-range radio. It does not require any special LED bulbs but only standard LED bulbs which are used in houses and offices. Though Li-Fi is a bidirectional technology, presently LEDs are used only to transmit data due to feasibility and cost ..


TV White Space

TV White Space Communications is the most preferred wireless alternative for long distance communication. TV White Spaces technology utilises the unused “white space” to provide cheap Internet connectivity to remote areas. “white space” refers to gaps of unused spectrum between terrestrial broadcast channels in the 470-700MHz (TV-UHF) band. The gaps are necessary since TV signals are ..


Business & Economy : October 26-27, 2009

October 26, 2009 : ING seperates Banking and Insurance Business.ING group will move towards a complete separation of its banking and life insurance operations as part of its ongoing Back to Basics programme.This seperation will be achieved over the next four years by a divestment of all insurance operations, for the present it will have ..