Water ice

Why did the US storm bring dirty snow?

The ‘bomb cyclone’ that severed disasters in Minnesota and other upper parts of Mid west dumped in lot of dirt. The freshly falling snow was decolourised. The snow was not the usual pure white. It had lot of dust. The ..


Australia discovers a network of lakes beneath Totten glacier in East Antarctica

The researchers from Australian Antarctic Program have discovered a network of lakes lying under the ice during their 160-day expedition to the Totten Glacier, the largest in eastern Antarctica. The lakes were detected by scientists setting off small explosives 2m ..


Snow Castle sinking

The Snow King winter festival is held at the Great Slave lake, Canada every March. A big castle is constructed in the lake. The castle is then opened for the public to display their arts or children’s theatre, etc. This ..


Hidden reserves of water ice discovered under surface of moon

Scientists from Tohoku University in Japan have found mineral called moganite in lunar meteorite that point to presence of abundant hidden reserves of water ice under the surface of the moon. The mineral discovered in a desert in northwest Africa ..



Totten Glacier

Totten Glacier is a large glacier draining a major portion of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, through the Budd Coast of Wilkes Land in the Australian Antarctic Territory. The catchment drained by the glacier is estimated at 538,000 km2 extending approximately 1100 km into the interior and holds the potential to ..


The world’s largest Ice festival started in China

The 34th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival 2018 and the 3rd China International Ice and Snow Tourism Summit has officially started on January 5 in Harbin, capital of northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province. The festival mainly features ice and snow-themed ..