US-Iran: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

Operation Sentinel

The United States has announced that the US Central Command (CENTCOM) is developing a multinational maritime, codenamed Operation Sentinel to increase surveillance and security in key waterways in the Middle East. Securing the Navigation The Middle East especially Arabian Gulf Region has become a bone of contention due to the US-Iran tensions. The US is ..

Iran’s strong arm diplomacy at sea

The Spokesman of Iran s Guardian Council confirmed that Iran’s forceful seizure of a British oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz was the Iranian response to role played by Britain in the seizure of an Iranian supertanker two weeks earlier. What had happened? An Iranian supertanker which was carrying more than 2 million barrels of ..

Short Note : Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran has recently announced that it would increase the uranium enrichment of its uranium program to 3.67%. While this has sent alarm bells ringing in the United States and in the other West European countries, Iran claims that the uranium enrichment level is still below the refinement needed for nuclear weapons. Even the nuclear plant ..