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What is Micro-climatic Zone Shifting?

The study on “Preparing India for climate events” was recently published by the Council on Energy, Environment and Water.   This is the first time the extreme weather event hotspots in India have been mapped. Key findings The unpredictability, intensity and frequency of extreme events in India has increased. The extreme climate events witnessed by India ..




The researchers of IIT-Gandhinagar analyses that urban areas are cooler than non-urban areas during heat waves

The researchers at IIT-Gandhinagar has conducted study of 89 urban areas in India. In it, they found that though there is an absolute increase in temperature during heat waves in both urban and non-urban areas, the urban areas are relatively cooler than the surrounding non-urban areas. At 1.94°C, the absolute increase in temperature during the ..


Urban Heat Island

The urban heat island is a phenomenon when the heat gets trapped near the earth’s surface as a result of a decline in green cover, rapid urbanisation, energy-intensive activities, and concrete structures. Urban heat islands can have worse air and water quality than their rural neighbours. UHIs often have lower air quality because there are ..