United Nations Human Rights Council

UNHRC Debate on Ukraine

The United Nations Human Rights Council voted to have an urgent debate on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, further isolating Russia, which had previously resisted Ukraine’s efforts to bring attention to war crimes. Overview: Russia’s aggression against Ukraine dominated the start ..



Why is UNHCR insisting India to revise FCRA regulations?

The United Nations high Commissioner for human rights is insisting India to revise its foreign contribution Regulation Act 2010.  Highlights The high Commissioner Michelle Bachelet has raised concerns over the restrictions imposed by India over foreign funding for the Non-governmental ..


UNHRC votes to commission UN report on systemic racism

The UN Human Rights Council has unanimously voted to commission a UN report on systemic racism and discrimination against black people. However, it did not order more intensive investigation of George Floyd’s death in the United States. The resolution only ..


Sri Lanka withdraws from UN resolution on post-war accountability and reconciliation

Sri Lanka recently notified the UN Human Right Council that it is to withdraw from the UN resolution on post-war accountability and reconciliation. The UNHRC adopted a consensus resolution, asking Sri Lanka to probe allegations of human rights abuses in 2015, ..

UNHRC Expresses Concerns over NRC in Assam and Situation in J and K

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has expressed concern over the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, and the tense situation in Jammu and Kashmir while addressing the opening of the 42nd session of the United Nations ..

India refuses to Cooperate with UN panel over Jammu & Kashmir Report

Reacting angrily to a submission from the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council on the alleged violations in Jammu and Kashmir, India has informed the United Nations Human Rights Council that it will no longer entertain any communication with the ..