United Kingdom European Union membership referendum: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

PM to meet Corbyn: Brexiters disappointed at the move

Theresa May is expected to meet Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Leader. She said she wanted to break the deadlock in passing the Brexit Referendum. Mr Corbyn wanted the customs union and workers rights to be the priority of the Brexit Referendum. With this move the Brexiters are disappointed as they claim that the PM is ..

UK Parliament rejects Brexit for the third time

For the third time, the Britain lawmakers rejected the exit of Britain from the European Union. With the deadline fast approaching, over 3 weeks left, the British government is unable to gain a majority over the issue. It is due to leave EU on April 12. The date was already postponed from March 22. There ..

UK lawmakers seize Brexit control

British lawmakers stalled Brexit process by setting up series of votes that could alter the course of UK’s departure from EU. The House of Commons voted to get a temporary control over the parliamentary time table. Usually it the government that controls the scheduling of the parliament. The only possible option right now is a ..

11 Ministers want PM May to step down

With the Brexit referendum at its peak of chaos, 11 of the UK cabinet minsters agree that the PM should stand down. The names are still unknown but UK sources say that the ministers are senior in the party. They accuse her of becoming toxic. With millions marching in London against the Brexit referendum, some ..

Theresa May’s cabinet to oust her over Brexit

With the Brexit referendum creating chaos as the deadline has approached, the ministers of the Britain Prime Ministers might move to oust her. If they succeed Brexit would become doubtful. It is expected that the Ministers would make a move on Monday. With only weeks for the UK to leave EU, Brexit strategy lay in ..

Millions participate at the anti Brexit march in London

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the central London on Saturday demanding a new referendum. They opposed to Britain’s withdrawl from the Europian Union. The Prime Minister Theresa May hinted that she wouldnt bring the Brexit issue to parliament next week. The EU and the British Government agreed to postpone the Brexit referendum to ..

Theresa May asks EU to delay Brexit till June 30

Theresa May, UK Prime Minister has requested Donald Tusk, the President of European Council for delaying the departure of UK from European Union by 3 months and postpone it till June 30. As per the current status, UK is supposed to exit EU by March 29 but the Brexit deal has been rejected by the ..