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The period assigned to Ajatshatru’s rule is 491 BC to 461 BC. He was son of Bimbisara’s wife Vaidehi so, the Buddhist texts mention his name as Vaidehi Putra Ajatshatru. Ajatshatru was NOT the only son of Bimbisara. There were many sons and daughters from his all wives but Ajatshatru proved to be dominant. He ..


Quick Fact Sheet : Magadha Dynasty and 16 Mahajanpadas

1. The kingdom of Magadha roughly correspond to the modern districts of Patna and Gaya in Bihar plus some parts of Bengal.2. Magadha Empire was established by Vrihadratha. Jarasandh was son of Vrihadratha.3. Magadha was one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas or states in ancient India. Giribraj or Rajgrih was capital of Magadha.4. The first king ..