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TRIFED launches ‘Tech for Tribals’ initiative

Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) has launched an initiative called ‘Tech for Tribals’ in partnership with Institutes of National Importance (INIs) to promote entrepreneurship among tribal people. The initiative, which is supported by Ministry of MSME, aims to impart entrepreneurship skills to tribal forest produce gatherers who are enrolled under the Pradhan Mantri ..


Socio-political Implications of the Aryan Invasion Theory

In recent times, Aryan Invasion theory was making news because the RSS uses the term Vanavasis for tribals and not Adivasis. The idea is to portray that all Hindus are original to India; and the Aryan-Invasion Theory divides the Hindus on caste lines. Further, there are attempts to push back the dates of the Vedic ..