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India-South Korea bilateral trade target

India and South Korea have set to achieve bilateral trade target of 50 billion USD by 2030. The target was set during the summit held in 2018. Recently, the foreign ministers of the respective countries met to discuss on terms to achieve the target. How will the target be achieved? The target is to be ..




SSC-CGL 8th July 2012 (Evening Shift) Solution GK

1. The 2004-09 Foreign Trade Policy gave emphasis to [A]import substitution [B]increasing customs duty [C]export promotion [D]long term trade relations export promotion Show Answer 2. Markets fail when [A]they do not maximise the aggregate consumer and producer surplus [B]they maximise aggregate consumer and producer surplus [C]they equalise the aggregate consumer and producer surplus [D]they escalate ..


Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09

1. The new Foreign Trade Policy of the Union Government was unveiled by the commerce Minister Shri. Kamal Nath on August 31, 2004. With foreign trade largely freed and import duties falling progressively, the policy have necessarily restricted itself to a facilitating role rather. This policy stated, “Trade is not an end in itself , ..