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Scientists discover Super Earth like exoplanet GJ 536b

Scientists have discovered a new ‘super Earth’ type exoplanet named as GJ 536b orbiting a very bright star near to our Sun. The planet was jointly detected by Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC) and the Geneva Observatory. Key Facts The exoplanet GJ 536b has a mass of around 5.4 Earth masses. It is orbiting ..



Researchers discover a “super-Earth” type planet – GJ 536 b

Scientists have discovered a “super-Earth” type planet, GJ 536 b, in orbit around a nearby very bright star. The exoplanet has a mass of around 5.4 Earth masses and is not within the star’s habitable zone. It is orbiting a star much smaller and cooler than the sun. The planet’s short orbital period of 8.7 ..


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