What is Competency Mapping?

Competency Mapping is a process which helps to identify strengths and weaknesses of an individual with the aim to enable the person to understand oneself to the point where career development efforts are directed. Competencies are usually attained from some particular jobs in an organization. Few such job categories include strategic profiles, relationship management roles, ..


What is Channel Management?

Channel Management is a strategy of marketing which the companies use to reach the maximum number of audience and increase their customer base. It helps the firms to stay focused on one particular channel by servicing and selling to customers in that channel with the primary aim to streamline communication with the customers. Thus, one ..

What is Break-Even Pricing?

Break-Even Pricing is a strategy where the price of the product is kept at a limit where it will make zero profit i.e. it covers the cost of both acquiring and owning it. It is thus a point where cost is equal to the revenue. It is commonly used by many firms to decide the ..