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What is a Call Option?

A Call Option is a derivative agreement between two parties which gives the buyer the right to buy from the call option seller any asset like a stock, bond, commodity etc. at a specific time and price. One earns a profit on a call when the price of the underlying asset increases. A Call Option ..


What is “Abnormal Rate of Return” in stocks?

Abnormal Rate of Return is the return on a given stock or portfolio over a specified period of time. This is usually higher than the expected rate of return or the benchmark. It is also known as ‘alpha’ and is a risk-adjusted performance measure of the stock. The expected rate of return is usually predicted ..



Impression is used to refer to how many times a web page or piece of social media content has been viewed by a user.


Kids Ruby

KidsRuby is a version of Ruby programming language. It was developed with easy features so that less experienced users could learn different kinds of coding while using it.



E-brokerage allows users to buy and sell stocks online. This is cheaper than conventional trading of stock as there is no need for brokers and financial advisors.


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