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Western Ghats home to a rich stock of butterflies

The three-day survey that ended in the  Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (WWS) on 11 Nov emphaised that Western Ghats is still home to a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary in Kerala.  The survey was done jointly by the Forest and Wildlife Department in association with the Ferns Nature Conservation Society (FNCS). ..


The researchers of IISc – Bengaluru discover a new species of vine snake from Western Ghats that dates back 26 million years

The researchers from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru have discovered a new vine snake species called Proahaetulla antiqua in Western Ghats . This is an ancient species which is endemic to southern Western Ghats. This is thought to have evolved around 26 million years ago during the mid-Oligocene period. Vine snakes get their names ..


Cirrochroa thais declared as state butterfly of Tamil Nadu

Tamil yeoman (Cirrochroa thais) has been officially declared as state butterfly of Tamil Nadu. These butterflies are also known as Tamil Maravan (which means warrior) and are endemic to Western Ghats. The tawny-coloured creature with a dark brown outer ring is among the 32 butterfly species found in Western Ghats. Hence, Tamil Nadu has become ..



Researchers sees inests of grizzled giant squirrel (Ratufa macroura) at Pakkamalai Reserve Forests

For the first time, researchers have recently sighted nests of the grizzled giant squirrel (Ratufa macroura) at Pakkamalai Reserve Forests near Gingee (Tamil Nadu) in the Eastern Ghats. It is an endangered species listed under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972. The grizzled giant squirrel is usually known to nest in the ..