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Defence Geo Informatics Research Establishment: Key Facts

The Defence Research Development Organization recently launched a new laboratory Defence Geo Informatics Research Establishment. The new lab was established by merging existing labs – the Manali-based Snow and Avalanche Studies Establishment (SASE) and the Delhi-based Defence Terrain Research Establishment. This new lab will focus on researching terrain and avalanches along the borders with China ..




Watermelon snow

Snow off coast of Antarctica’s northern-most peninsular region took on a reddish tinge over the past few weeks due to algal activity. What is watermelon snow? Watermelon snow or blood snow is a phenomenon by which the snow takes on a reddish or pinkish tinge. This is because of algae producing reddish pigments that act ..


Why did the US storm bring dirty snow?

The ‘bomb cyclone’ that severed disasters in Minnesota and other upper parts of Mid west dumped in lot of dirt. The freshly falling snow was decolourised. The snow was not the usual pure white. It had lot of dust. The wind picked up lot of dust and dumped it into the circulation of the storm ..


Snow Castle sinking

The Snow King winter festival is held at the Great Slave lake, Canada every March. A big castle is constructed in the lake. The castle is then opened for the public to display their arts or children’s theatre, etc. This year, after construction the front gate is sinking in the lake and the festival had ..


Glacier Mass Balance

Glacier Mass Balance is the gain and loss of ice from the glacier system. When glaciers lose more mass than they receive, it will be in negative mass balance and so will recede. When glaciers gain more mass than they lose, they will be in positive mass balance and will advance. Whereas, when Glaciers gain ..