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Dracopristis hoffmanorum: Godzilla shark discovered in New Mexico

In 2013, Jonh Paul Hodnett, a graduate student unearthed fossil of a shark at Albuquerque, New Mexico. It turns out that, it is a fossil of a new shark species so far not known to man. After seven years of excavation, it has been named as Dragon shark. It is also called Hoffman’s Dragon shark ..




Deep-Sea Ghost Shark caught on camera for the first time

Deep sea ghost shark, also called as chimaeras has been filmed alive for the first time. The video of pointy-nosed blue chimaera (Hydrolagus trolli) has been released by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California. Ghost sharks are dead-eyed, wing-finned fish which are very rarely seen. This species is usually found near Australia and New ..