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Iraq becomes India’s top crude oil supplier in 2018-19 fiscal year

For the second year in a row, Iraq has become India’s top crude oil supplier in 2018-19 fiscal year and meet more than a fifth of the country’s oil needs. According to official data sourced from the Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics, Iraq sold 46.61 million tonnes (mt) of crude oil to India ..


US labels Iran’s forces as Terrorists

For the first time, the Trump administration has labelled Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization. Further, the move seems to increase pressure on Iran’s regime and to bring a new level of tension between the two countries, as Iran’s leaders have said they will retaliate in kind. US sanctions have ..


United States imposes toughest ever sanctions on Iran

On November 5, the United States imposed the toughest ever sanctions on Iran aimed at altering the Iranian regime’s “behaviour”. The sanctions cover Iran’s banking and energy sectors and reinstate penalties for countries and companies in Europe, Asia and elsewhere that do not halt Iranian oil imports. However, 8 countries – India, China, Italy, Greece, ..


US Sanctions against Iran

New sanctions were imposed on Iran by the United States over Iran’s Ballistic Missile Test. This has affected ties between the two countries which saw gradual improvement over a couple of years. The sanctions target thirteen people and twelve companies including groups in China, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. These sanctions were enforced in ..


Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA is an agreement of China, France, Germany, Russia, the UK, the US and the European Union (EU) with Iran signed in 2015. Features of the pact: As per the agreement, Iran agreed to make certain changes to its nuclear programme to ensure it does not threaten the regional stability. In ..


More US sanctions on Iran

US imposed more sanctions on Iran to weaken its oil export dependent economy. It imposed Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010 (CISADA) and put penalizing action against those who continued to maintain ties with Iran. Due to sanctions, Bank of Kunlun in China and Elaf Islamic Bank in Iraq were punished for ..