SASEC Road Connectivity Investment Program (SRCIP)

The SASEC Road Connectivity Investment Program (SRCIP) is an effort by the Asian Development Bank for improving road connectivity and efficiency in the international trade corridor shared with the SASEC (South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation) member countries. The program aims at expanding roads upto 500 kilometres in the North Bengal and Northeastern region for greater […]


SAARC Framework Agreement for Energy Cooperation

This SAARC Framework Agreement for Energy Cooperation was pending since 2010, and was signed in October 2014. It was touted to be a crucial step towards a SAARC Market for Electricity (SAME) on a regional basis.  The key objective of this agreement is to improve power availability in the entire region and facilitate integrated operation […]

China’s SAARC Interests

China is pushing for admission to SAARC as was evident in Kathmandu Summit. Chinese presence in Sri Lanka can be seen in all aspects of its economic life. In addition to the development of Hambantota and other Columbo ports, Chinese have made massive investments in vital sectors like telecommunications, railways, petroleum refineries, offshore oil and […]

India Bhutan Relations under Modi Government in India

Bhutan was the first country that Prime Minister Modi visited after his appointment to the post. This action in itself signifies to the world the importance attached by India to Indo-Bhutan relations. Bhutan is of strategic, geo-political and economic significance to India. Diplomatic Relations India is a country which has antagonistic neighbours, with it even […]

SAARC and India’s engagement in neighbourhood

What are the challenges to India’s engagement with its neighbors in the present geopolitics in Asia? How strengthening the SAARC would help India emerge strong in the region?