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Russia deploys Giant Space Telescope in Lake Baikal

Russian scientists have launched one of the biggest underwater space telescopes of the world on March 13, 2021. This underwater space telescope was deployed deep into universe from pristine waters of Lake Baikal. About Deep Underwater Telescope The deep underwater telescope was under construction since the year 2015. The telescope has been designed to observe ..




Russian physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Zhores Alferov passes away

Dr. Zhores Alferov (88), a Russian physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, has passed away on 2nd of March in St Petersburg. In 2000, Alferov received the Nobel Prize in Physics together with US scientists Jack Kilby and Herbert Kroemer, for developing semiconductor heterostructures used in high-speed-and optoelectronics. He was the first Russian to win a ..


Russia launches world’s first floating nuclear power station

Russia has launched the world’s first floating nuclear power station ” Akademik Lomonosov ” at a ceremony in the port of the far northern city of Murmansk, where it will be loaded with nuclear fuel before heading to eastern Siberia. The 21,500-tonne ship was named after Academician Mikhail Lomonosov. Akademik Lomonosov, which is constructed by ..