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NASA to test the most powerful rocket ever built

NASA is to launch the mot powerful rocket in the world on January 17, 2021. NASA has named it as the “Space Launch System”. What are the Key Features of Space Launch System? The Space Launch System is to carry the first woman and the next man to the moon. It is 98 metres tall. ..




Cryogenic Rocket Engine Technology

A cryogenic rocket engine uses a cryogenic fuel or oxidizer which are both liquefied and stored at very low (cryo) temperatures. This increases the density of the fuel and simplifies tankage. Why is a cryogenic engine used? In a cryogenic engine, the rocket propellants and oxidizers are cooled sufficiently and exist in the liquid phase ..


Modular Reusable Rockets for Small Satellite launches

To launch a satellite into space is an expensive undertaking. It is estimated that for every single kg of hardware that is sent to space, 10 times more hardware is expended in the process. The lack of reusability of the launchers makes the entire launch process even more expensive as valuable hardware is expended in ..


Kessler syndrome

The Kessler syndrome is a condition in which any collision between the objects in space is likely to generate a cascade of multiple space collisions in the low Earth orbit (LEO). Each further collision would generate more space debris which would then cause further collisions between objects. Why is this dangerous? Every piece of satellite, ..


Japan ‘s privately developed rocket ‘Momo-3’ reached outer space

A Japanese aerospace startup Interstellar Technology Inc. has become the first private firm in Japan to launch a rocket into space. It has successfully launched a small rocket ‘Momo-3’ from its test site in Hokkaido, which reached about 110 kilometers (68 miles) in altitude before falling into the Pacific Ocean after 10 minutes of flight ..