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Bangladesh bans Islamist outfit ‘Allar Dol’

The Government of Bangladesh has banned the Islamist outfit ‘Allar Dol’ because it poses threat to public safety and security. It is the 9th Islamist group to be banned for extremism and militancy in Bangladesh.The Allah’r Dol was formed in 1995 with the aim to establish Caliphate through armed struggle. In 2004, it merged with banned ..


Indian Council of Historical Research

ICHR was established by the Indira Gandhi Government in 1972 to encourage ‘objective and scientific historical research on India’. The idea was to expect the historians to give vision to the masses. It’s a registered society. In recent times, it has been making news for wrong as well as right reasons. Key Functions ICHR, located ..


Court awards life sentence to 9 people in 2002 Gujarat’s Ode massacre

In Anand, Gujarat a special court awarded life imprisonment to 9 people in the 2002 Ode village riots case. 3 persons of minority community were burnt alive in the case in Malva Bhagol area of Ode village on March 1, 2002 as part of state-wide reverberations of Godhra train burning episode of February 27, 2002.