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Trump threatens to close the Mexican border

There are already many more waiting at the Mexican border to enter USA. Many more are joining to enter. The Border officials ordered to allow the immigrants who were crossing the border to meet their relatives in the US skipping the verification process last week as it faced difficulties to control the crowd. Meanwhile President ..

Tourist taking photo in Grand Canyon dead

A tourist who was taking pictures fell over the Grand Canyon on Thursday. The man was in his 50s and was from Hong Kong. He was standing at the Eagle point which is a horse shoe shaped glass bridge with no side walls. The Grand Canyon is a steep sided canyon. It was carved by ..

Mexicans are stealing border wall materials

The fencing was installed in November 2018 in the US – Mexican border. The fencing is made of concertina wire. Recently the mexican officials reported to the San Diego’s KUSI – TV that people are stealing the border materials and selling it to the Mexicans for their home security. The fencing extends to about 700 ..

Native Americans from Cahokia brewed and consumed first type of Tea 1000 Years Ago

As per scientists, Native Americans were first to prepare the first type of primitive form of tea some 1000 years back. It has been discovered that inhabitants of Cahokia, a massive pre-Columbus settlement near the meeting point of Missouri and Mississippi rivers in Illinois, consumed a ‘Black Drink’. Cahokia was a city with as many ..

Delta Airlines world’s first carrier to produce own fuel

U.S.-based Delta Airlines will soon become the world’s first air carrier to produce its own jet fuel. Delta announced it is buying a oil refinery near Philadelphia from the Phillips 66 oil company for 150 million Dollars for the purpose. Delta spent 12 billion dollar on jet fuel last year, which was about 36 percent ..