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Kharif crops: 44% more and Pulses: 2.5 times more in 2020

The Sowing coverage area in India for the 2020 Kharif season has increased as compared to that of 2019. Highlights The sowing area of Kharif crops has increased by 44% and that of pulses has increased by 2.5 times. It is expected to increase in the coming weeks. This is mainly because, India received 18% ..




Saltwater Intrusion in Thoothukudi

Intrusion of salt water into the groundwater of the Thoothukudi area of Tamil Nadu has led to a drop in agricultural output and exodus of people. Saltwater Intrusion Saltwater intrusion is the process by which saline water enters into an area containing freshwater, such as the groundwater. It is also called saline water ingression. It ..