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Government appoints Ashwani Lohani as New Chairman of Railway Board

The Union Government has appointed Ashwani Lohani as the new Chairman of the Railway Board (Ministry of Railways). Prior to this appointment, he was serving as Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Air India. His appointment comes after A.K. Mital resigned from post, owing moral responsibility of Puri-Haridwar Utkal Express derailment in Uttar Pradesh due ..




MacKay Commission on Indian Railways

Sir James MacKay Commission was set up by Secretary of States for India, John Morley in 1907 to look into the problems of administration and finances of Railways. The commission found out that there was a friction in the Government and the Board and this caused bottlenecks in the speedy business of the Railways. The ..


Robertson commission & Establishment of Railway Board in India

In 1900, Railways showed a small profit for the first time. In 1901, Thomas Robertson was appointed the special commissioner to examine the organization and working of the Railway and thus began the drastic changes in the administration of the Railways. The Robertson commission recommended the appointment of a “Railway Board” with a chairman, 2 ..


Bibek Debroy Committee Recommendations

The Bibek Debroy Committee is a high level committee for “Mobilization of Resources for Major Railway Projects and Restructuring of Railway Ministry and Railway Board” created by NDA Government after coming into power in 2014. This is yet another Biblical size report in 319 pages and reviews almost all areas of Indian Railways operations. The key ..


Rail Tariff Authority

Currently, setting of tariffs for railways is the function of the Railway Board. Revising rail fares is a politically sensitive issue. Every year, the Rail budget is passed without any substantial rise in the Rail tickets. The railway’s passenger subsidy is a whopping Rs. 25000 crore per year. To free the rail tariffs from political ..