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Indian Scientist Rao Papineni gets US Patent for Cancer Treatment

In a breakthrough innovation Rao Papineni, the nanotechnology scientist, in collaboration with his colleagues invented a cancer treatment system in which a nano-particle acts as a carrier of anti-cancer drug and releases it only in the cancerous cell, thus safeguarding ..


‘All mobiles must carry radiation tags by September’: Centre to cell phone manufacturers

The Government has instructed all cell phone manufacturers to include radiation tags in mobile handsets to display Specific Absorption Rate, SAR value by the first of September 2012. All the indigenous manufactures have been instructed to make necessary changes in ..


High Precision Radiotherapy-RAPIDARC

Recently, High Precision Radiotherapy “RAPIDARC” was inaugurated at Madras Cancer Institute, Chennai for treating Cancer. “RapidArc” radiotherapy technology is a new technique of treatment, greatly benefiting the cancer patients. It is a fast, simple cancer treatment to the poor, enables ..