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World Radio Day, 2020 observed on February 13

The proclamation of UNESCO member states was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 to celebrate February 13 as the World Radio Day. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Radio and Diversity’. The day celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of radio and access to information. This year, the day is ..


February 13: World Radio Day

Every Year February 13 is being celebrated as World Radio Day. The day is being celebrated by UNESCO of United Nations. The organization calls all radio stations to uphold matters of diversity. This year the day is celebrated under the theme Theme: Radio and Diversity This year theme brings in the diversity in linguistic tolerance, ..




The role of Indian Radio in the 21st Century

The radio is a communication device which is used to transmit voice messages over long distances. While initially developed for communication and military applications, the radio envolved into a viable source of entertainment and was a popular feature in homes around the globe until it was first supplemented and then altogether replaced by the television ..


National Broadcasting day (NBD)

In India, the National Broadcasting day (NBD) is celebrated every year on 23rd of July because on this day, in 1927, the radio broadcasting was started. The first ever radio broadcast in the country went on the air from the Bombay Station under a private company – the Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC). It was started ..


What do you mean by ‘Advertising’?

Advertising is defined as a tool used to communicate with the end-users of the product or service being offered. As per the definition of Advertising Association of UK, advertisements are messages paid for by those who send them with the intention of influencing and informing people who receive them. Advertisers make use of all kinds ..